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As a team member, you’re expected to follow WonderMart policies and applicable laws at all times. And you’re responsible for reporting any illegal or unethical workplace behavior that you witness, whether you’re directly involved in the incident or not. There are several ways you can report violations of law or company policy.

reporting options

Ways to report:

  • Talk to your supervisor or AGM-HR

  • Report online at www.wondermartcorporate.com/ethics

  • Report by phone:

    • Team members in the US and Canada (non-Quebec): Call the Ethics Hotline at

    • Team members in Quebec: Call 1-800-555-0180

    • Team Members in Mexico: Call 1-800-555-0199

  • E-mail ethics@wondermart.com

  • Write to Corporate Compliance and Ethics, WonderMart Stores Inc.
    500 North LaSalle Drive, Chicago, IL. 60621

If you choose to report by calling the Ethics Hotline or reporting online at www.wondermartcorporate.com/ethics, you can make your report anonymously. Keep in mind, though, that it’s often easier to investigate fully if you make yourself available to answer additional questions. Your identity will still be protected as much as possible. And WonderMart prohibits retaliation against any team member who makes a report in good faith (which means providing all the information you have and believing it to be true).


When doing the right thing means reporting an incident or concern, know that you’re doing your part to uphold WonderMart’s reputation, protect your fellow team members and preserve a good working environment for everyone.