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February 28, 1986

February 28, 1986

september 27, 1989

kenneth young

pharmacy manager - store #1309

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indianapolis, indiana





alma mater:


5' 7"


chaotic moral

purdue university

PharmD. 2014


$135,200 + $10,000

base + bonus (2021)

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Ken Young, PharmD (Born September 27, 1990) is a registered pharmacist and the current Pharmacy Manager of WonderMart Store #1309 in Plainview, Indiana. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the store's pharmacy, he's a hopelessly-single, eccentric, over-confident, yet equally friendly and good-natured healthcare professional. New age music, retro sports cars, hiking, and skiing are just a few of his favorite things.

Despite his characteristically acerbic and sarcastic behavior, Ken is one of the more optimistic and genuinely good-natured employees at the store, and he's particularly friendly toward Carl Kirkman and regularly goes out of his way to help his friends. When push comes to shove, he will find ways to get medications for people who can't afford them (even illegally), as well as picking up the jobs of his coworkers when they're unable to work.

In addition to his work at the pharmacy, Kenneth has a variety of recreational interests, varying in extravagance. He is an avid fan of winter sports, is a half-decent skier, and even owns a timeshare in Telluride, Colorado which he visits exclusively for the purpose. He bowls and plays poker with his fellow coworkers, and enjoys playing piano and performing in small-time music venues when he has the free time. He also does a one-man comedy improv titled "Laughter is the Best Medicine."

While on the surface, Kenneth is a flirtatious and aloof egotist, he is a genuinely good-natured employee, and boasts incredible in-depth knowledge in almost every field related to pharmacology and drug science (some quite obscure), as well as some outright impressive clinical abilities beyond the scope of his profession. He's even assisted with a drug overdose on one occasion in which he was the only trained practitioner in the store.

early life & education

Kenneth Young was born in 1989 to a Korean-American family living in Indianapolis. He was the eldest of three children of Seong-Min Young, a successful pharmacist himself, and Soo-Jin Hak, both of whom immigrated from South Korea to the United States during the early 1980's. As a child, he enjoyed a good relationship with his parents, although Kenneth was always under pressure to perform well at school and other extracurricular activities. Kenneth's parents set many goals for their son, and Ken was made to take piano lessons at the age of four, as well as skiing classes where he trained most days during the winter.

Kenneth graduated with honors from Bellamy Jefferson High School at the age of 17, and later attended Purdue University where he studied medicinal chemistry prior to entering the Purdue University College of Pharmacy in 2010. After graduating cum laude in 2014 with a doctorate in pharmacy, Kenneth soon began his career at a Weston's Pharmacy in Elkhart, Indiana where he remained for two years before leveraging his experience into a management position at WonderMart Store #1309 in Plainview, Indiana. Over the next five years, Kenneth, along with his colleague Pam (whom Ken tutored for the NAPLEX®), built up the store's pharmacy, turning it into a successful, efficient department with a weekly script count of nearly 2000.

personality & traits

Kenneth is an endearingly kooky, snarky, innocently insensitive, and deceptively clever healthcare professional with varying levels of attention whore traits depending on the day. Nevertheless, while he's usually conflict-adverse due to his assertively friendly nature and desperation for people to love him, if he's backed into a corner and you've managed to wear his patience thin enough, watch out; he can be surprisingly dangerous and dominant. Similarly, although his brash, swaggering good-heartedness can be misinterpreted as soft humility, Ken's bottomless toolbox of life skills should not be underestimated. Not only does he speak Korean fluently, he also plays piano with relative regularity, can ski at a near professional-level, and even came close to competing in the winter olympics while he was in high school; and that's on top of his already proficient knowledge of the pharmaceutical field. 

Ken is also superficially self-confident to the point of arrogance, but it’s obvious that his carefully crafted identity as “the perfect package” masks deep insecurities, likely stemming from his restrictive childhood with few liberties. For all his expensive hobbies, Rocky Mountain holidays, and designer shoes, he lives in terror of never living up to his "true" potential and turning out to be nothing more than a forgettable face behind the counter of a forgettable retail pharmacy in a forgettable rust-belt city, to the point that he fills his life with material satisfaction to compensate for his saddened loneliness. Whether he realizes it or not, Ken seeks to cultivate an image of wealthy sophistication. Although he does earn an impressive income as the second-highest paid employee in the store, he's still solidly middle class, and his lack of a spousal second income limits his purchasing power even more; not that it stops him from wasting his money on useless things he deems "necessary".