LP-09 key & door control updates

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The purpose of the WonderMart Key & Door Control Policy is to establish reasonable personal security for employees and customers, and to assure the protection of people and property through the control of keys to exterior doors, interior doors, and other equipment or secure areas.  Implementing the Key & Door Control Policy is the responsibility of all exempt members of management.

new key carrier selection process

  • General Managers can select up to four Department Leads to carry keys.

  • Here are qualities to consider for selection:

    • High-performing Department Leads who are on track for future career advancement with WonderMart

    • Must have at least six months of supervisory experience at a WonderMart store or distribution center

    • Must have a documented track record of proper decision making

  • General Managers should submit the selections to their District Manager for approval. Once your District Manager approves, you may begin the training process outlined below.

key carrier training process

  • General Managers should select an exempt member of management to conduct the necessary training for a Dept. Lead to become a key carrier.

  • Key carriers are permitted to:

    • Be issued facility keys that can be removed from facility property

    • Open the facility to team members and disarm the store's security alarm

    • Close the facility to associates and arm the store's security alarm

    • Serve as the only leader-on-duty in a store open to members for up to one hour on an exceptional basis

  • After being selected as a key carrier, Department Leads must pass the Food Safety Certification for their respective municipal standards body. Exempt Managers should work with your food safety team to schedule this training.

  • Selected Department Leads must open and close the store with an exempt member of management at least four times each before being given a key to be kept in their possession or on their person.

  • The exempt member of management should help them understand expectations at open and close.

  • Before they are given a key, the General Manager should update the Alarm Central roster with the Department Lead's information so they can obtain an alarm code.

key carrier guidelines and expectations

  • A Department Lead with master facility keys should not be left alone in the store while open to the public except if needed to cover a one-hour lunch when only one manager is in the building.

    • Coverage for lunch period should not exceed one hour.

    • Before leaving for lunch, the exempt manager should inform the Department Lead of their departure, provide an expected time of return or relief from another manager and make sure they share a cell phone number where they can be reached.

    • There could be exceptional circumstances where the time might extend past one hour.  In these events the General Manager must partner with the District Manager for approval.  Extensions past one hour should be considered in extreme cases only.

  • If an emergency or safety issue arises while a Department Lead is the only leader-on-duty in the building, they should contact the appropriate authorities and then call a manager to notify them of the situation.

  • Must review and comply with LP-09 Key and Door Control Policy (WonderMart Stores)

  • Must be assigned an alarm code

  • Must comply with the Associate Pay & Benefits Policy

  • Department Leads should not be involved with facility financial operations unless it pertains to their existing job code and should not release deposits to carriers without an exempt manager participating in the release. 

In general, all exempt members of management must ensure that keys are not issued to individuals which would provide access to areas other than those to which the person issued the key would ROUTINELY need access. The District Loss Prevention Manager will have the responsibility and final say to ensure that key requests and all appropriate authorizations have been obtained prior to issuing keys. The Store's Lost Prevention Manager shall implement and maintain appropriate procedures to ensure that all keys issued are accounted for, and securely deposited in a lock box or Keywatcher unit when not in use, pursuant to LP-09 Key and Door Control Policy.

lost/stolen keys

Lost or stolen keys must be reported to the District Loss Prevention Manager within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss or theft. A replacement key may be issued without requiring an incident report through the DLPM, or a core/key change, if the key allows access to external doors, employee-only areas, office space, cash-handling space, or merchandise display space.

Any key or master key that affects storewide cores or equipment must be reported to the DLPM and will require an incident report through their office. Lost or stolen master key(s) will automatically result in a core/key change if the lost key is not presented to loss prevention within the 24 hour time limit.

Based on the factors involved, the District Loss Prevention Manager, with consideration from the District Manager and the Regional Compliance Director, will make a decision whether to replace the key(s) or require a core(s) change. 

disciplinary action

Improper passing of store (non-equipment) keys or handheld equipment (i.e. iOS devices and PDAs) to non-approved persons
Final Warning (Negligent Conduct)
Improper door locking or alarm arming procedures that lead to a security incident
Instant Dismissal (Gross Misconduct)
Improper passing of equipment keys to non-approved persons 18 years of age or older
Coaching (Violation of Policy/Procedure)
Improper passing of equipment keys to non-approved persons less than 18 years of age
Instant Dismissal (Gross Misconduct)
Leaving key unattended in compactor, baler, WAVE, forklift, or other powered equipment or leaves compactor open
Coaching (Violation of Policy/Procedure)
Leaving key unattended at desk or other location in store
Coaching (Violation of Policy/Procedure)
Losing equipment key
Coaching (Violation of Policy/Procedure)
Losing master or sub-master store (non-equipment) keys or handheld equipment (i.e. iOS devices and PDAs)
Final Warning (Negligent Conduct)
Improper passing of electronic alarm codes
Final Warning (Negligent Conduct)
Improper door locking or alarm arming procedures that do not lead to a security incident
Final Warning (Negligent Conduct)