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This 126,553 sq. ft commercial development, also known as a wonderstore is a one-stop destination for the busy shopper who wants all their needs taken care of in one fell swoop. Located in the bustling Southwick neighborhood of Plainview, Indiana, this one-storey location employs 275 full and part time associates and provides the perfect combination of convenience and value with ample parking space and proximity to local bus routes and public transportation.

new renovations

Building on its commitment to save customers time and money in creative ways, WonderMart proudly participated in a 2.1 million dollar expansion and complete remodel of the existing 121,000 square-foot Southwick wonderstore in 2020.


The project included a major glow-up, revitalizing the shopping experience with top-to-bottom makeovers including state-of-the-art fixtures, enhanced walkability and the latest in health and safety, as well as added parking, lighting and a relocated garden center. Enhancements focused on key areas such as food and grocery, apparel, home décor and furniture, as well as adding space for the Order Pickup and Drive Up services.


The expanded grocery area includes a dash n' grab deli, bakery and produce areas as well as new energy-efficient refrigeration units. The project also included a dock expansion, build-out of an updated pharmacy and vision center with plans for a health clinic in the near future. 


The now expanded 126,553 sq. ft. Wonderstore was also completely remodeled. Using vibrant blues to accentuate the new WonderMart brand presence, we took a less is more approach to enhance the physical retail space and shopper experience. LED lighting encourages a bright, polished experience for shoppers, and we designed our fixtures and color scheme based on what we hear from customers and employees alike: They want clean, open spaces that are easy to navigate. Our new modernized features include an expanded glass atrium, sleek concrete floors, refinished masonry and new landscaping.

Among other new features added include the best of our digital and technology upgrades, reimagined merchandise presentations with integrated signage and online-fulfillment services to make shopping quick, efficient and easy—bringing customers more of what they already love about WonderMart. 


From the moment customers arrive, they’ll have new options for starting their shopping experience, with two new entrance formats designed for different shoppers in mind. One that inspires leisurely bargain hunting with displays of our exclusive deals, seasonal treasures and more. And a second that's all about speed and ease, with quick Online Pickup, dash-and-grab food and a liquor shop.

To ensure the safest conversion with the least possible disruption to the stores customers, WonderMart completed the construction over multiple phases during a 12-month period while the store remained open to the public.

location overview
plainview, in
store type:
store area:
126,553 sq. ft.
remodel date:
project value:
$2.1 Million
craven moorehead architecture PC
new services


salesfloor expansion
full-scale remodeling
updated grocery area
additional parking
new flooring/lighting
dedicated online pickup
more self-checkout options
energy efficient entrances
technology overhaul
new landscaping

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